In the age of digital transformation, work has long since ceased to be tied to time and place. And yet,  the current Corona crisis presents many companies with major challenges.

Efficient and effective leadership from the home office

Home office, digital communication and managing employees from home is not yet sufficiently established in many companies. But now business needs to move quickly. Managers and their team members increasingly need personal online coaching tailored to their individual needs, in addition to e-learning offerings to help them succeed.

In an online coaching you are not bound to one place. You can participate flexibly from anywhere and will find the same quality as in a personal conversation. You also enjoy the advantage of saving time because you don’t have to travel to and from the session.

Today, online coaching is an enhancement to face-to-face coaching, saving both time and money.

The success factors for efficient and effective leadership

The success factors for efficient and effective leadership in the home office include:

  • Results-oriented instead of controlling the details
  • Clarify goals and tasks, create commitment
  • Provide structure – for example through fixed communication times
  • Document the results of discussions and invite questions
  • Select the best channel depending on the topic (chat, e-mail, telephone or video meeting)
  • Pay attention to changes in behavior – inquire, listen, obtain and give feedback
  • Keep motivation high – set up times for one-to-one chats, build trusting relationships.

How online coaching works

In our first meeting we discuss your specific coaching goal and determine the time frame. This initial meeting is free of charge for you and completely confidential.

Please feel free to contact me
for a non-binding initial meeting, a quotation, or any further questions.