Competence-based Interviews

Aptitude Diagnostics is based on current developments in personality psychology and on behavior that is specifically relevant to success. The requirements of the working world are reflected in the characteristics of the tests so that performance evaluation can be made.

If the right criteria are sought, they can be found. Some of these personality traits are more relevant to job success than others. Relevancy depends in detail on the requirements of the job, which should be identified individually.

Management competencies

A competency-based interview is based on the four competency fields of a requirements profile. The four fields can be used to map the views from external (through recruitment) or internal (through promotion) specialists and managers well.

Professional competence:
An assessment of specialized knowledge and knowledge applied in a technical and professional manner, such as:
micro- and macroeconomics, financial accounting, legal knowledge, industry expertise, business administration, processes, business models, technology, IT, operational knowledge, communication knowledge

Methodological competence:
The level of available procedures and applicable methodological skills such as:
communication skills, change management, presentation, networked thinking, creativity, leading virtual teams, analysis and scenario building, decision-making skills, rhetoric, multiple languages, memory skills, presentation skills, mentoring

Social Competence:
Skills and abilities in dealing with other people such as:
communication skills, cooperation skills, teamwork skills, networking (inter and intra), empathy and emotional competence, assertiveness, respectful interaction, conflict and crisis intervention, goal setting and agreement skills, intercultural management, motivation and mobilization skills.

Personal competence:
Skills and abilities in dealing with oneself such as:
self-worth, self-reflection, self-management, willingness to perform, openness, willingness to take risks, flexibility, goal orientation, value awareness, trustworthiness and credibility, willingness to take responsibility, entrepreneurial thinking and acting, decision-making ability, fault tolerance, life balance, humor, reliability, optimism, argument culture, quick perception, sense of reality and feasibility, role awareness, emotional stability.

Aptitude Diagnostics can narrow down the number of applicants, reveal their potential and answer the question:
Which applicant is best suited to the tasks that lie ahead in the company?

STAR method as an interview technique

The technique I use in the competency-based interviews corresponds to the STAR method.

S – Situation
T – Task
A – Action
R – Result

Scientific studies clearly prove the effect of a potential analysis and its economic benefit: With Aptitude Diagnostics you find more productive employees.
I support companies in their selection process for personnel, and applicants in their preparation for job interviews and introductions.

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