Coaching programs

Systemic Business Coaching as a personnel development measure &
psychology-based Aptitude Diagnostics for personnel selection and onboarding.

Recruiting new specialists and managers is one of the most costly and time-consuming investments companies make. Integration failures, early resignations and promoting employees who are not ready for the role can add to these costs.

My portfolio of services includes:

1. 100-day Onboarding Coaching Program to support the executive before and after taking on a new role or starting at the company. This includes weekly 90-minute coaching sessions (in person or virtually). I am an active sparring partner on cross-functional issues, providing neutral and external perspective.

2. Outplacement Coaching Program or Career Coaching Program includes a personal assessment and personal potential analysis, according to the management competence fields (technical, methodological, social, and personality competence), the creation of a personality profile (optional), the optimization of written application documents (for internal or external selection processes), intensive interview training, and support in building an internal and external professional network.

3. 90-minute Individual Coaching sessions which are goal-oriented and tailored to the personality traits and strengths of the executive. The focus is on topics such as leadership, communication, time management and burnout prevention. This enables the executive to concentrate on all aspects critical to addressing given challenges successfully, and to develop relevant goal-oriented solutions.

4. The coaching program “From Founder to Entrepreneur” is designed to accompany young entrepreneurs after successfully founding their company. The program includes detailed strategy discussions to determine the current status of business development and to identify support needs for further developing your professional network, preparing required profiles for new employees (including support in the recruitment process), advising on leadership issues and helping when conflicts arise in the founding team.

Today, online coaching is an enhancement to face-to-face coaching, saving both time and money.

How it works

In our first meeting we discuss your specific coaching goal and determine the time frame. This initial meeting is free of charge for you and completely confidential.

Please feel free to contact me
for a non-binding initial meeting, a quotation, or any further questions.