Certified Systemic Business Coaching

Systemic Business Coaching is a process- and goal-oriented form of consulting to accompany people in their professional development. This form of coaching support them in recognizing and using their strengths and abilities in order to experience more success and fulfillment from their professional lives.

Coaching is help for self-help. It strengthens specific knowledge, skills and abilities. It addresses the goal of increasing professional effectiveness – which increases one’s own performance and motivation.

Systemic Business Coaching in personnel development and employee management
Systemic business coaching is considered to be the most individual and sustainable form of personnel development and employee management. People in responsible and leading positions are often alone in their daily work. They do not always have access to an open and honest exchange with colleagues and employees. Here, coaching offers the opportunity for feedback, advice and clarification.

Benefits of Systemic Business Coaching
You can benefit from professional coaching on a variety of levels. It offers a fresh, new perspective with regard to your personal challenges and upcoming decisions and supports you in increasing your performance and self-confidence.

Coaching Services and Needs

My goal is to provide the full support you need in issues concerning your professional development and achieving your personal goals at fair prices.

There are a wide range of reasons for coaching including, for example, changed economic conditions after a merger or reorganization. They can also be related to an individual desire for professional improvement, or even for clarification of a difficult professional situation.

Accompanying an executive into his or her new professional environment is also a frequent reason for individual coaching.

Typical coaching needs include:

  • upcoming professional refocus or promotion
  • an international assignment
  • outplacement or onboarding processes
  • internal change management processes
  • leadership topics
  • a change of supervisor or a new team structure
  • a personal assessment and analysis of potential
  • Burnout prevention
  • Diversity issues
  • return to work
  • Optimization of time management
  • Finding better work-life balance

Furthermore, I am happy to support you in preparing for job interviews as well as optimizing your application documents and job-related social media profiles.

“Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do.
If you´ve got talents, no one can take them from you.”

Warren Buffett

Coaching process and phases

On the basis of a written coaching agreement, we meet regularly according to your request in my office, in your office or via Skype. Sessions are in several 90-minute sessions or half-day or full-day sessions.
We go through four coaching phases together and you decide when the coaching is finished.

The phases in detail:

  • In a non-binding and free 15-minute initial meeting, we clarify the assignment, your goals and the expected time frame for achieving the goals
  • Working on your concerns and developing solutions
  • Transfering the results to ensure that you successfully implement what you’ve achieved through coaching
  • Evaluate the coaching process

Please feel free to contact me
for a non-binding initial meeting, a quotation, or any further questions.